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Septic Tanks


Septic Tank - Is a water tight structure designed to treat septage waste and filter pathogens before entering the drainage system. Most tanks have two chambers (Inlet/Influent) that is for solid waste and particulate, outlet/effluent is for water. We primarily install Prescast Concrete Septic Tanks and commonly replace inferior products such as Fiberglass and Metal Septic Tanks.



Leachfield - Is a horizontal rock filled trench that supports a common perforated pipe for effluent discharge. A properly designed field can also work adequately off evaporation as well. Leachfields also require a lot of square area leaving lots of extra dirt spoils from installation. We haul off all stock piled spoils and often leave the property in the same condition prior to installation.

Seepage Pit


Seepage Pit - Is a vertical lined pit with cover that disperses septic effluent. Seepage Pits work well for commercial applications and high volume water users. They are also ideal when correction areas are confined/limited or soil condition are poor for peculation.

Line Correction


Line Correction - is a duty performed when a waste line has become separated, collapsed, root infested and etc. Our crew can often pin point and properly diagnose problems quickly to reduce future maintenance cost. Countless occasions we have saved the property owner expenditures that were missed diagnosed by others.



Manholes/Risers - Is a top opening just below grade or at surface to access the septic tank to perform service in a timely manner. Little to no digging is required to expose lids. We stock all materials and covers necessary.