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Your Septic Tank is recommended to be serviced every 3-5 years by the state and county. Please call our friendly and knowledgeable staff to book your next service. Ask about a reoccurring schedule or a reminder call at the next service interval.

Commercial & Industrial


Our highly trained crew will record and monitor your septic tank, grease inceptors, scum and sludge levels. They can base a proper maintenance schedule that best suits your systems needs. A system that never gets serviced or is not pumped accordingly can and will jeopardize the life of the drainage system and can cause unsanitary back ups within the system.

Grease Interceptors


Skilled technicians pump thoroughly, pressure wash and clean interceptors. We can correlate with city officials for service date and times required (if necessary). If your business request us to be there before or after business hours, please inform our secretarys and we will be happy to place it into schedule.

All Water Removal


Action Pumping, Inc. offers emergency pumping for storm drains, flooding or retention basins. Our fleet is always on stand by awaiting your call and special needs. We also pump clarifiers, pools/spas and etc.

Septic Certification


We provide septic certifications with a prompt, clean, reliable and honest services. Please click the "Service Request Form" to request a septic certification today.

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